Character creation

Character creation mostly conforms to Character Law (CL) with minor variations.  Rolling stats and potentials uses the method borrowed from Sec 14.11, described further down this page.  "Background Options" (Sec. 14.23) are disallowed in favor of using the extraordinary stat development house rule instead.  A starting first-level character (at 10,001 experience points, XP) has the benefit of two sets of skill development under his belt -- thus, a maximum of four ranks in any single skill (other than "maneuvering in armor") if "rapid development" is allowed in the skill for his particular class.  For ease of management, the Anderson Campaign did not mandate that players pre-plan their characters' skill development as CL recommends.  Rather, players were allowed to make skill allocation decisions post-hoc once new levels were achieved.  (A new level or levels are deemed to have "kicked in" upon arising from the full sleep or meditation period following the gaining of the XP).

By house rule, rolling new character stats is a matter of rolling percentile (1-100, non-open-ended), three sets of ten each.  The player must preserve the order of the rolls (rolls may not be rearranged in order within each set of ten nor moved from one set to another).  Perhaps the player rolls as follows:

52 14 92
45 19 43
57 60 62
86 85 21
90 98 99
55 71 99
46 60 42
36 53 41
50 93 50
9 85 92

The player then must select one column (set of ten) to be his starting "temporary" stats, and a second column to be the corresponding rolls to cross-index with each temp to determine the stat's "potential".  There are six possible ways to make this choice (a shrewd long-view approach is to select the combination that yields the greatest number of "high", e.g. 90+, potentials).

Lastly, the player assigns his temp-potential stat pairs to actual stats.  There are 10! = 3,628,800 ways to make this assignment.  Thus, once an initial group of thirty rolls are made, there are 6 * 10! = 21,772,800 possible ways to settle on starting temporaries and potentials for the character's stats.

Note that this house rule discards the CL rules wherein temp rolls under 20 are re-rolled and "prime requisite" stats may be replaced with a temp of 90.

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