House Rules

Naturally there is a great deal of room in Rolemaster for customization and elaboration to fit a specific campaign world.  Also, intentionally or not, a great many things are left vague.  Our House Rules filled in the gaps and replaced the things we didn't like with mechanisms that worked better for us.

The links below will increase in number as content is uploaded.

Character creation - Principally, house rule for rolling initial stats and potentials.
Stat table - The "smoothed" stat table used in our campaign, plus specific values used for stats between 102 and 120.
Commentary on optional rules - Which optional rules in CL were incorporated into the Campaign and how.
Exhaustion - Rules governing how long a character can run, fight, etc.
Extraordinary stat abilities - Supra-normal character abilities to accompany stats in excess of 101.
Frenzy - Particular rules to govern this potent (and perilous) secondary skill.
d10 Initiative system - Action resolution approach very different from that in Character Law.
Secondary Skill List - The (almost) complete Secondary Skills list playtested / used in Anderson Campaign.
Strength multipliers - Resolving the effect of spells, skills, and herbs that add damage multiples.
Subduing - Particulars of this niche secondary skill.

Miscellaneous rules / interpretations - Casting rate, fumble interpretation, adrenal defense limits, bonus criticals, secondary skill level bonuses, "concentration", Stun Relief, spell multipliers and adders, off-hand weapon attacks, Conveyance cancellation, plant and animal control, Invisibility, Symbol creation, substance addiction, magic rings, Disillusion and Displacement.