Strength multipliers

Strength multipliers are cumulative in most cases.  That is, the effects of a Strength spell can be enhanced by Frenzy and a drug/herb and a weapon multiplier.  Extraordinary character strength is also cumulative with these effects (see specifics below).  The only strength inducers that are not cumulative are drug/herb with adrenal strength, as the drug/herb is assumed to work in the body using the same or very similar mechanisms which are triggered by adrenal skill.

So assume an extraordinary ST 105+ character with the damage multiplier pick (x2) (see exceptional stats house rules) operating under a Strength IV spell, under the effects of a strength herb (x2) and in Frenzy wielding a x2 damage magic longsword.  His total multiplier for the longsword damage would be:

Begin with ST stat multiplier, x2
add three increments for Strength IV, to x5 now,
add one increment for x2 strength herb, to x6 now,
add one increment for x2 frenzy, to x7 now,
add one final increment for the x2 concussion longsword, x8 total.

This is an extreme case, but it shows the philosophy of accumulating multipliers where each added concussion multiple is "mutliplier minus one".  Which is to say, a x2 gives an additional one damage multiple, a x3 give two additional damage multiples, etc.  And notice that it doesn't matter in what order the effects are counted.  If one started with x4 for Strength IV, then the x2 from ST stat would add one increment to x5, etc., and still result in x8 overall.

As a side note, beware awarding too-high an OB adder for Strength-spell-like effects.  Recall that Strength II effect is +10, III is +15, Strength IV is +20.  But the herb effect (and the similar adrenal effect) are listed as +10.  Adding the herb or adrenal to the spell should only be an additional +5 OB increment instead of ten, consistent with the house rule that the added x2 only gives you one additional increment (both in concussion multiple and OB).

Similarly, beware the odd potent magic item with strength effects.  If the strength-magic of the item is substantially derived from the essence spells, then it should go without saying that the item's strength-magic would not be cumulative with an active Strength spell (the higher of the two Strength effects would hold sway).

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