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These pages shall document the Anderson Rolemaster [TM] Fantasy Campaign, 1999 - 2007, as well as the "house rules", tools, and supplemental materials that fleshed out the campaign and made it sustainable as the scope grew. Anderson was the GM and was advised on rules and administration by Palmer and Mueller. The other participants were DeBie, Torgerson, and Galvez. The campaign was disbanded owing to a combination of growing familial-social commitments, escalating complexity and player diaspora.

Character LawArms LawSpell Law 1st edSpell Law 2nd edCreatures & Treasures

The Campaign's core rules are Iron Crown Enterprises' Rolemaster First Edition (RM1), as they existed circa 1985. This embraces the four books Arms Law / Claw Law (RM 1100), Spell Law (RM 1200), Character Law (RM 1300), and Creatures & Treasures (RM 1400), although the specific Spell Law referenced was the second U.S. edition (1989). None of the Rolemaster Companions (RC) are formally adopted, though many selected portions of Rolemaster Companion I (RC1) were brought in as "house rules" with various degrees of modification.

Details of the house rules, spell additions & modifications, etc. can be found by following the links. The principal change to game flow from RM1 was the adoption of an entirely different d10-based initiative system that effectively interleaved combat/actions and spellcasting throughout a "round". The biggest modifications to spellcasting were a somewhat more-liberal cost table for making out-of-profession and out-of-realm spell picks, and the admission of an "arcane realm", inspired by RC2 but customized to fit the Campaign's metaphysic and constrained to maintain game balance.

It is hoped that original material presented here will be of interest and use to other FRP gamers. Items below will be hyperlinked as the material is posted. Rolemaster [TM] is a registered trademark of Iron Crown Enterprises.

House rules
character creation, stat table, extraordinary stats, initiative system, frenzy, multipliers and adders, complete DB accounting, Arcane magic development, teleport errors, extraordinary spell list picks, exhaustion system, portal carving, subduing, Healer class guidelines, strength multipliers, level bonuses on secondary skills, miscellaneous rules.
House spells
character bios
final character records
Campaign records
character sheet
Resistance Roll tool xls
Resistance Roll big table pdf
Secondary skill master cost / bonus table
mass combat tool

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