First off, the basics for frenzy: +30 OB, "double" concussion hits delivered in melee, fighter has effectively double his total hits for the duration of frenzy.  (Unlike GangWars, no additional attacks granted by frenzy).  The main restriction cited (again, unlike GW) is that the fighter may not parry.  I take this to mean that the fighter must apply full available OB into attacking, but the base DB (from QU, items, armor, shield, adrenal, etc.) is still in effect.  There are no "recovery rounds," but there is a flat exhaustion point cost for using frenzy (20).

I would further add that frenzy only seems to make sense for melee combat.  For adrenal stuff, the fighter should be able to do any adrenal except 'Balance' (since balance is for "slow" moving maneuvers).

The rules were too lax on the matter of ending frenzy, so we agreed to make it harder (unless the fight's over).  We will allow one attempt every three rounds to end frenzy, and make it "extremely hard," requiring a roll of 150 (the equivalent of rolling on the static action table 'General' at a -40).  Perhaps mitigate that if the enemy is retreating (140?) or fleeing in panic (120?).

A frenzied combatant may use only those spells that have max range ‘Self’ and require no preparation.  This eliminates all offensive-type casting and anything that would require more than a passing thought to employ, but it leaves most of the Monk combat spells usable in frenzy like you wanted.  It should go without saying that any spell requiring concentration for effect is out as well.

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