Skill useful for defeating an opponent while reducing the probability of inflicting a fatal injury.  The skill involves setting up a proper opening and making measured, careful strikes.  Subduing is not developed separately for different weapons or fighting styles.  Subduing can only be applied in melee.  Subduing cannot be used in conjunction with Frenzy.

The basic sequence for using subduing:
  1. When it is one's turn to attack, decide how many counts you would like to take away from a resulting critical.  Reduce OB by double this number and roll the attack.  If the attack results in a critical, continue:
  2. Roll skill check for subduing (need 100 or above result with roll plus skill).
  3. Roll critical.  If the subduing skill check failed, assess the critical roll normally.  Otherwise, subtract the counts decided upon in step (1) from the roll and assess the critical.
Now for the particulars:  The maximum number of counts one can take away from a critical cannot be more than the character's ranks in subduing, nor can the resulting OB penalty reduce the OB below zero.  Otherwise, the PC may preselect (before the attack roll) any number of counts from one through this maximum.  Generally, the higher the counts, the "safer" any resulting critical will be for the target.  Also, the more skilled one is with a weapon or fighting style, the better one can apply subduing skill (the OB penalty being less of a disadvantage).  Note that selecting even a small number of counts (e.g. five) significantly reduces the chances of getting the most grievous criticals.

When a critical result is obtained and the subduing skill roll succeeds, the count subtraction works as follows:  Natural rolls of 66 or 100 are unmodifiable, as even the best attempts to subdue sometimes go horribly wrong.  If the number of counts to subtract is equal to or greater than the roll, there is no critical effect (only the original concussion damage applies).  If the count subtraction yields a '66' result, make it a '65' result.  If the large or super-large creatures critical table is being used, the critical roll is still open-ended high and treat 96-100 results after subtraction as '95'.

Weapons that do separate, independently-rolled elemental criticals do not have their elemental critical affected by attempts to subdue (with the possible exception of certain highly-intelligent weapons cooperating or will-dominated by their wielder).  These extremely dangerous magical weapon effects are simply not mitigated by the Subduing skill.

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