Rolemaster Character Record

There's probably ways to do this that are more clever, but the following Excel character sheets worked well for us for eight years.  The important thing is to download both, and to have both sheets in the same folder on your computer.  The character record spreadsheet performs lookups from the linked "Ice-tbl.xls" spreadsheet.  We always understood that lookup tables could be integrated into the character record file itself quite simply by having the tables on a separate worksheet layer of the character record, but during the campaign we occasionally fixed errors in or expanded "Ice-tbl" and it was far easier to get the updates to apply to everybody's characters by overwriting a separate file.

Again, retrieve both files and store in same folder:

Rolemaster character sheet for Excel (use "Save Target As")

Companion "lookup table" sheet, Excel (use "Save Target As")

The "lookup table" sheet is intended to be read-only so that arbitrarily many character sheet copies can all reference the common "Ice-tbl.xls" file.  I suggest keeping a clean / original Ice-char.xls and creating a copy whenever starting a new character record.  Upon making selections for Race and Class from the pull-downs and entering a set of temporary stats, the sheet should automatically compute stat bonuses for most skills and traits as well as the skill costs for the secondary skills.  (For various reasons, we did not bother trying to populate skill costs for primary skills).

There are some protections turned on for the character record sheet which you would have to disable if you want to perform customization.  The password to turn off the protections is ice (three characters, lower case).

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