House Spells

Very few spell lists from outside Spell Law were adopted without modification, any many within Spell Law were tweaked or enhanced.  The following non-Spell-Law lists saw extensive use in the campaign:

Tree Mastery, from RC1, added as an Animist Base list
Entity Mastery, from RC1, renamed "Construct Mastery" and used as an Arcane list

Two other lists were adopted by a single Alchemist character and saw limited use.  They were not vetted in detail:


The Campaign laid plans to introduce a set of Base Lists for a new class variant called the UnderRanger, essentially a below-ground Ranger (e.g. Cave Mastery, Spelunking Ways, Deep Ways).  The lists were to be strong analogues of the Ranger lists with the spells geared toward functioning underground instead of outdoors.  This was never playtested.

The following links take you to lists of individual spells that the campaign added directly into the Spell Law lists.  They filled in gaps between spells on lists, added a few miscellaneous capabilities of interest, and on a few lists added 'E' picks above level 50.

Channeling spells, individual
Essence spells, individual
Mentalism spells, individual

The following are complete lists used in the campaign that are either heavily modified from their RMC inspirations or entirely original.  Some of the lists have additional notes explaining underlying concepts and usage.

Ceremonies - Closed Channeling list used by the devout for aid, protection and blessings from divine powers.
Spell Coordination - Arcane list that grants limited abilities to combine spells.
Mana Frosts - Arcane list of cold spells.
Mana Fires - Arcane list of fire spells.
Shade Mastery - Arcane list for implementation of "shade spaces," regions removed from the world for isolation, study, storage, et. al.  While not fully complete, the list is in usable condition.

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