Extraordinary stat abilities

The Anderson Rolemaster Campaign starts in a world in which magic abounds but is little used or trusted.  The essence flows in quantity well nigh everywhere, and the unfolding of history is witnessed by the glittering and timeless Transcendi, legendary figures ascended to the heavens in millennia past.  For heroes fortunate enough to emerge and survive in these backward days, their exertions can result in extraordinary enhancements of their very beings, making them reminiscent of the Wise and Mighty of ancient tales.

When stat adjustments are rolled for each new level, results of 96-99 have the additional effect of raising that stat's potential by 1.  A result of 100 (in addition to any normal improvement of the temporary stat toward the potential) raises the potential by 2, and the temporary by 1 if the temporary had already been the same as the old potential value.  Our campaign arbitrarily capped the stats of any/all flesh-and-blood beings at 120.

Stats that exceed 101 (the "normal" maximum for one's kind) can imbue abilities of magical or mythical proportions.  Besides the improved stat bonus (and possibly development points), upon attaining a temporary stat of 102 a character is permitted an 'A' class extraordinary stat pick for that stat.  Upon reaching 105, either a 'B' pick or two 'A's may be added.  At 108, a further 'A' pick is added.  Finally, if a temporary stat reaches 110, the character is entitled to add a 'C' pick, or two 'B' picks, or a 'B' and two 'A's, or four 'A's.  Thus a temporary stat at the following levels could have the following picks associated with it:

stat 102 - 104:  A
stat 105 - 107:  B A / A A A
stat 108 - 109:  B A A / A A A A
stat 110 +      :  C B A A / C A A A A /  B B B A A / B B A A A A / B A A A A A A

A number of 'B' picks are essentially improved versions of 'A' picks, and some 'C' picks are improvements along the same lines as a 'B' or 'A'.  In those cases where a character claims a higher pick that makes the lower pick superfluous, the character can then also choose a replacement for the lower pick.  Such instances are mentioned specifically in the pick descriptions with the language "vacates analogous xx-pick".

A character who suffers from a decline in temporary stat can suffer a consequent (presumably temporary) loss of the stat's associated extraordinary ability or abilities.  The extraordinary pick or picks' effects are nonfunctional until such time as the appropriate value of the temp stat is regained.

Self Discipline


This picks system was inspired by a similar, though uninteresting set of picks in one of the Rolemaster Companions (probably RC2).  It is also a tradeoff versus the "Background Options" of Character Law (Sec. 14.23) which were not allowed in the Anderson Campaign.  Background Options tend to enhance the distinctiveness and survivability of Player Characters at very early levels, but tend to wane in relevance if the character progresses to Lordship and beyond.  Abolishing Background Options and adding the Extraordinary Stat potentials makes the character party more vulnerable, forces them to create their own ways of distinguishing themselves, and tends to pay off much later in a character's career (if he survives).

The stat cap of 120 is probably irrelevant to most campaign characters, as even a trait whose starting potential was 100 would have less than a fifty-fifty chance of reaching 120 even after two hundred levels of advancement.

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